We collect our Shitbox!

Today began like any other Saturday. A late morning start followed by a sprint out the door.

Today is the day we collect our Shitbox!

I stole my father’s Falcon Ute and meet up with Michael at Brains house (Michael’s Dad).

We drove into Emerald and hired a car trailer. Much to Michael’s amusement it was here I realised I had forgotten my wallet. A mutual friend of ours is famous for forgetting his wallet, so much so that we refer to the loss of a wallet as doing a “insert his name” 😛

Subsequently this meant that I had now adopted our mates name for the day.

On the way to Dandenong we stopped for brekkie and parked the ute and trailer over some 4 car parking spaces at Maccas (where most of the video below was shot).

After smashing some hash browns we continued on our way.

We were greeted by the mother of the owner who was extremely lovely and very happy to share the story of this Nissan EXA with us.

From what we gathered this EXA had accumulated more than 100,000kms in the hands of its previous owner and that they had all been happy ones.

The photo below was taken on the Monash Freeway when returning from a family trip away to Woodend – there’s nothing more Australian!

How awesome and 1990’s do these guys look! The EXA would have been such a cool car for a P-Plater.

How awesome and 1990’s do these guys look! The EXA would have been such a cool car for a P-Plater.

As the owner found his way in the world playing footy and ultimately studying in Tasmania the EXA stayed with him being ever reliable and enjoyable.

Sadly, all good things came to an end. After blowing the clutch master cylinder this tired little car was parked and forgotten. – I’m picturing a scene from Toy Story where Andy grows up and Woody gets stuffed in a bag and given to the op-shop. – *Tears up a bit.

After 5 years of neglect Michael and I now have the opportunity to breathe new life into this EXA and continue its story! – It’s all rather exciting really.

We loaded the car, thanked our lovely host and headed back to Brian’s where we could assess the full extent of work required. Disappointingly the CD’s we discovered lurking in the back seat when we inspected the car were thrown out during a pre-delivery clean by the owner..

This means Michael and I now need to build a playlist of 1990’s songs to listen to during our trip. Every blog post from now on will be capped off with a couple of classic hits which we will blast out of the stereo. – If you want to add something to our playlist post it on our Facebook page here.

  1. Mr Bombastic – by Shaggy
  2. Brimful of Asha – by Cornershop
  3. It’s Like that – by Run-DMC

Yep! that’s right we’re in and insanely taking on Cancer! Team name: Tarmac Terrors

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Till next time

Lloyd out!


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