We found a Shitbox!

After about 3-4weeks of searching Michael and I found our Shitbox!

It’s been a long and arduous process choosing this car but we both eventually compromised and the deal was done.
A Nissan EXA would be our doomsday machine!

We settled on the EXA for a few key reasons:

  • It’s sporty
  • It’s a two door
  • They all seem to be manual
  • It shares common parts with a Pulsar and Silvia (cheap to fix)
  • It’s a Targa top!!!!!!!!
  • And.. They aren’t that expensive but seem to be a little rarer these days

Of course this now meant we had to search for the perfect Shitbox EXA.

But as luck would have it we found one almost straight away!

This particular EXA had spent the last 5 years deteriorating in a driveway, impeding access to the garage and gathering dust. The tyres had lost air, moss had gathered and the paint had begun to blister and flake off from the sun.

Upon seeing this car I felt an uncontrollable urge to return it to its former glory, which is impossible when you can only collectively spend $1000 on the car.

Mechanically it seemed pretty straightforward. I’ve owned and rebuilt a FWD 4cyclinder previously and the layouts are basically identical. This car did seem to have a dodgy clutch however.


Jumping in the car we found the interior to be complete and in terrific condition! Winning!

The next step involved a splash of fuel, a quick check of the oil and a jump starter kit. It cranked and cranked as the engine reluctantly came to life and subsequently stalled. Once we had the oil evenly dispersed the motor started and purred.

Michael and I thanked Bill (the owner’s father) for his time and said we would call him once we discussed it.

The video below is our first to camera appearance and details the process and includes attempted humour & shots of the car.


Yep! that’s right we’re in and insanely taking on Cancer! Team name: Tarmac Terrors

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Till next time

Lloyd out!


Special thanks to Martini Racing for sponsoring this post!


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