SAU VIC returns to DECA

Admittedly it’s been quite a while since I’ve missioned out to photograph a motor event. Life, as it does, tends to push hobbies to the side. Most of us fall victim to this, but not for the dedicated team at SAU VIC.

This unique group of people continues to deliver club members and blow in’s one hell of a day. After an early start the various exhaust notes of some 30+ vehicles began echoing around DECA, the driver training facility in Shepparton Victoria.

The day passed quickly as two groups were split between the skidpan and a back track, changing over at 11am. The rear track was run clockwise with an early finish just after the rear U shaped corner. A quick drive down the rear straight, followed by a u turn and drivers were in queue for a very complicated circuit on the basketball court. Around 12-12.30 lunch was called and rain briefly sprinkled over the skid pan greasing it up just enough to make the battles exciting.

On a side note; generally speaking motorkhana maps tend to level out the differences between HP and handling. The last of the battle maps however, to our entertainment, seemed to exclusively pick on the Holden owners. As predicted, once they started collecting cones and penalties, a podium position faded from their minds and tyres smoked. Predictable, but fun as ever boys!

All in all the return to DECA was warmly welcomed by the participants, who largely behaved themselves.

Good job team, keep it up.

Lloyd Waldron

About the author: Lloyd Waldron

Cars are more then transport, they represent more than freedom or independence and they are a part of our identity. Cars reflect the personality of their owners. You can instantly tell if the owner takes pride in themselves; you'll know if they have a messy bedroom and occasionally you'll guess their sense of humor. Cars say so much about people, so I figure I should say something about them..

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