Extractors for the MR2!

The standard exhaust system on the MR2 isn’t all that great. Apart from the flow restriction, tinny sound and chunky muffler the cast headers weight a metric tonne!

Awhile back I had a high flow cat and muffler installed which made the car rather vocal, which was quite satisfying on the race track. But now; since the engine is in bits I’ve decided to revisit the exhaust and finish the job.

From reading websites and forums I learned that all 4AGEs, including the 20 Valve, have identical exhaust ports and that the 20 Valve came standard with extractors. I also came to understanding that aftermarket extractors didn’t deliver much more then these could. So I set out to find some and Facebook answered. I picked them up for a fellow Toyota enthusiast and set about fitting them.

As the forums had mentioned the 20 Valve extractors don’t fit straight on because the two extreme end bolt holes don’t line up on my 4agze head. But it’s a pretty straight forward modification to make it happen.

Looking at the extractors dead on it’s evident that the left side requires a hole to be drilled, which is easy if you use the 16 Valve gasket to mark and drill one. But the Right side requires a little bit of grinding and welding.
Using a blank sheet of metal we created a template to bolt the extractors to. This helped us line up 16Valve head bolts. The rest is pretty simple! We used a thin blade on the grinder and cut the end off, then slide it upwards and bolted to our template, which ensured the positioning was correct.
Michael then welded the front face and ends. We decided to do some basic shaping with the grinder and BAM just like a bought one and all up this only cost us $50.

Lloyd Waldron

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