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This Mx6 was originally purchased as a parts car. I found it listed on ebay as a “1990 MX6 auto with a blown head gasket”, very little and info and only one small picture, which meant it was never going to attract many bidders. Starting bid was set at $200 and only one other person had bid. I waited till the last minute and sniped with a max of $500, the auction ended and I won the car for $208!

This was around 2pm on a Friday, so I promptly called the seller and organised a Paypal payment and by 5pm the car was on the back of a tow truck on its way to me. It arrived in the dark so I didn’t get a real good look at it, but from what I saw it was a lot cleaner than I had expected. The next day after a closer inspection I realised it was pretty much immaculate! So the decision was made! I would not to wreck it, instead I’d perform an engine conversion and turn it into a nice, clean and fast street car.

This was an Australian delivered car, so it was equipped with a turbocharged 2.2lt single overhead cam 12-valve F2T  engine. This Mx-6 was a late model series 2, meaning it wasn’t fitted with sunroof, ABS or four wheel steering, so it was slightly lighter than the average MX6. The perfect base for my plans, although it was an automatic.. but that’s not a big issue to rectify!

The previous owner had partially dismantled the engine in an attempt to change the head gasket, but I guess he had given up and left most of the parts in a box in the boot. I removed the head from the engine while it was still in the car just to see what was going on and sure enough all 4 cylinders had water in them. Over the next couple of weeks I starting removing bits and pieces in preparation for the engine swap.

Jesse Bentley

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I've been into cars as long as I can remember. I'm heavily involved with Martini Racing and enjoy all forms of motorsport, including drifting. I have owned many performance vehicles and really specialise in Mazda and Toyota, specifically forced induction and electronic tuning.

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