What Shitbox to get..

For the last few weeks Michael and I have been locked in a primal battle.

Yep; locked and loaded, phones out and heads down while we search all the common websites to find the perfect Shitbox. The challenge of course is to be the first to find “the car”, yes THE CAR that we will declare to be our chariot as we ride off into the sunset and attempt to take the Shitbox rally crown.

Our phones buzz as links whiz back and forth like exchanging blows. Rather dramatic isn’t it?

This battling is all in the pursuit of Shitbox perfection, but what is the perfect Shitbox?

Good question! Truthfully Michael and I have very different ideas.

Michael’s List:

  • Sporty
  • Convertible
  • Manual – for fun
  • Low – for looks
  • Carby

Lloyd’s List:

  • Large / possibly a station wagon
  • Safe – airbags
  • Auto – for laziness
  • High – Massive ground clearance
  • Fuel injection

Rules / Guidelines & limitations:

The Shitbox cannot exceed the value of $1000 or appear to be worth more than that. Eg: I can’t be given a new Ford Falcon XR8 as a promotional thing for $1000 (although that would be nice!).

You also can’t buy a car for $1000 and replace everything with free parts.

What Michael and I are looking for is a project, so we need to buy the Shitbox as cheaply as possible because we will be repairing components to ensure it’s reliable. All of this needs to be done without the total spend exceeding $1000.

Also… New to 2016:  NO 4x4s or AWDs ALLOWED.

Below are 2 lists from the event organiser of cars worthy considering and ones to avoid.

Potential finishers:

  1. Toyota Corolla/SECA
  2. VK-VN Holden Commodore
  3. EB Ford Falcon
  4. Ford Laser/Meteor/Mazda 323
  5. Toyota Camry SV21

Cars to avoid:

  1. Anything with ‘Alfa Romeo’ on the badge
  2. Daewoo 1.5i/Cielo
  3. Anything from a defunct British Car Maker
  4. Anything with a Citroen, Peugeot, Renault, or Saab badge on it
  5. Jaguars

Michael and I might not agree on the right Shitbox at the moment, but we do agree that the list of “Potential Finishers” are boring, soulless and seem to completely lack fun.

So… This means the hunt is on! – Stay tuned, we will find a Shixbox!

– We’ll be running “Fun-Rasing” events, searching for a Shitbox, fixing a Shitbox, chasing sponsorship, writing blogs and posting videos; from now till the end of the event! So if your interested, please sign up to our newsletter, follow us on Facebook or visit back regularly.

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Till next time

Lloyd out!

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