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On November 23 the first ever Custom Cars and Coffee was held at Sandown Raceway in Melbourne. Reflecting many hours of planning and hard work by members of the GT Car Club, particularly Brandon Chan, the event ran smoothly, with a substantial number of sports cars present. The weather couldn’t have been better, with clear blue skies and sunshine, proving the weather in Melbourne can sometimes be surprisingly good. There were plenty of exotic and desirable cars on display, including a lovely Ferrari F40, Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG and a 2004 Giallo Midas Lamborghini Gallardo which featured a carbon fibre body kit.

One question people attending the event could wonder was which colour does an Audi R8 look better in, as there were not one but three R8’s present, and in three different colours also. While I think it looks great in either silver, jet blue and black, I think it’s got the most presence in black. Admittedly though it’d be the hardest colour of the three to live with, a nightmare to keep clean. Realistically I’d probably have one in silver…

Out of all the cars at the show the standout in my opinion was a blue 1997 Lamborghini Diablo SV. The sound it made was simply awesome. But don’t just take my word for it, check out the event’s Facebook page! Adam Mclean was able to capture some footage of it leaving Sandown Raceway, which he’s kindly uploaded. It can also be viewed on his Instagram.

Custom Cars and Coffee is dedicated to the Australian motoring enthusiast community. It is intended to unite hundreds of proud owners across Melbourne, providing the opportunity for a chat, to meet new and old friends while sharing a coffee. It has been developed so that everyone attending will be able to enjoy each event; with owners of classics, exotics, hot rods, imports, modern sports cars and bikes all welcome. For more information visit

Stuart Kortekaas

About the author: Stuart Kortekaas

Stuart Kortekaas is an Australian industrial designer & photographer. Since completing a masters degree in Sweden he has travelled the world, photographing glamorous locations, exotic sports cars, and some of the world's most beautiful models. For more information, please visit

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