Engine in position

Get that engine in part two

Anyone who has ever worked on an AW11 will know that getting an engine in can be pretty painful without a two poster hoist.

Engine fully dressed and on the trolley

Engine fully dressed and on the trolley

I decided the best method of getting the engine in was to use the engine crane to lift the rear of the mr2 from the chassis rails and support the body on stands. If you do this you have to be really careful and counter weigh the front.

I then wheeled the engine under the car and used the engine crane again to lower the rear of the car back  over the engine.

All i have to do is lower car onto the engine

All i have to do is lower car onto the engine

The last step is then using the engine crane to pull the engine upwards into place.

Determined to make a good go of it I decided I should rejoin the gear box and dress the engine completely prior to installation. Dressing the engine might not have been the smartest idea, as it made lining this up extremely critical.

My only advice to anyone doing this at home is to ensure they lift the engine in slowly and to use a horizontal adjuster on the engine crane as pictured with my engine. It makes the process much easier.


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