Toyota Car Club – Cars, Coffee & Donuts 15.9.13

Meeting anywhere at 8am is tough on a Sunday! But the TCCA always get a good turn out thanks to the bribery of coffee and donuts.

The morning drive to Jells park was uneventful, to be honest I was on auto pilot. I didn’t realise how beautiful the weather was until a strong coffee jump-started my brain. The clouds were sparse but the Toyota’s were many!
I was pleased to see some rollers rocking 4AGZE conversions, a potent combo in a car that light.

The maroon Cressida was a great example and no doubt could rock out “like a boss” with that decent sub in the boot.

Two cars surprised me. Firstly the white roller,1984 SE. This car looks like its just rolled off the showroom floor! The engine bay was so clean you could eat off it. The interior was loving restored with a tenacious attention to detail and the plastic panels inside look like they’ve never seen UV’s. To see this car with 138K on the clock, in that condition was mind blowing! Great stuff mate!

 IMG_7573  IMG_7567  IMG_7570

The second car that blew my mind was the yellow Rolls Royce! I have no idea what it was, or what was in it.. Only that its a truly amazing vehicle. You just don’t see this level of detail in modern cars. So many lines, so many beautiful features. A photographers dream to shoot.

 IMG_7528  IMG_7531  IMG_7532

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Lloyd Waldron

About the author: Lloyd Waldron

Cars are more then transport, they represent more than freedom or independence and they are a part of our identity. Cars reflect the personality of their owners. You can instantly tell if the owner takes pride in themselves; you'll know if they have a messy bedroom and occasionally you'll guess their sense of humor. Cars say so much about people, so I figure I should say something about them..

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