MR2 top end and pistons

Finally I have found time to crack the head off this block! It’s important to keep all the parts in the same order they were removed.

I spotted a good sign looking at the head gasket, no water had entered the oil and no gases had escaped between the cylinders.

After removing the pistons it became apparent that cylinder number 2 had hooked up with the bore wall. This probably happened because this was the worst turned bearing on the crank. It created slop, heated up and wore through the oil and started digging at the side wall. Luckily there wasn’t much damage so I’m hoping I can recover the piston as they all look really new!

Also every measurement I took indicated that the engine was running production sized components! Hooray! this means i have some room to move should i need to do some machining!

Lloyd Waldron

About the author: Lloyd Waldron

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